Dhan HQ API - query

As of now from API, I can fetch daily prices or 1 min candle prices in intraday, I am looking for procedure to pull hourly candle prices using API. can someone advise on this ?

Hi @priyankaruikar11

Using 1min current date OHLC, you can make 60min candle. Consider a time range of 60 min (60 data sets) take Open & Close of first & last timestamp for 1hour O & C respectively. Find Max & Min price for H & L respectively.

Hope this helps.

How about the history data - at this moment, I am gettting daily candle values, do you source this as 1 min candle data as well

When are you planning to support multiple candle on historical data ?

Hello @priyankaruikar11

We have noted this and will evaluate incorporating in our roadmap.