Dhan mobile app - critical bug

Hi @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

On the latest app version when I grouped positions and clicked on “exit selected positions” button a wierd thing happened today. It closed exisiting position and opened an equal number of positions on opposite side. I saw this on both Finnifty and Bank nifty options where my short positions were closed and long positions were opened after closing the short positions.

FinNifty order snapshots added for reference

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Hi @t7support,

We are getting this checked.

Hi @t7support,

We have checked and found that orders execution was correct.

We have shared the detailed information about the same on your registered email id.

Thanks. The 2.55:32 pm buy order was placed by me to exit my short position. But system executed this order and then automatically executed another buy order at 2.55:39. This is the bug I was referring to and pics of both orders are given above.

So I had a net long position open now at 2:55:39. This I closed manually at 3:17:48. Similar experience with Bank nifty.

Hi @t7support

We have shared the resolution on your registered email. Request you to refer the same.

Yes saw that but that is not a resolution. You guys said I manually placed the order which is not correct. One order of FinNifty and Bank Nifty was placed automatically. The exit orders for those I placed manually.

Also I just noted a bug and posted so that Dhan can get better. Not looking for any specific resolution in this case.

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I will have this reviewed @t7support, thanks for highlighting… will check.

Thanks @PravinJ. By the way for testing today I grouped positions and clicked on “exit selected positions”. It went well. Only yesterday I noted this problem.