Dhan mutual fund platform, ETA?

Dear Dhan guys,

I was eagerly awaiting the mutual fund offering, but I understand that it was postponed because of other unforeseen obstacles.

This Kuvera Cred news has been quite disappointing for many Kuvera users and they have expressed their concerns on numerous social networks, and many are looking for an alternative.
This includes myself.

Dhan have a fantastic opportunity to cast a wide net in order to grab unhappy users looking for a new alternative.

Is there an updated ETA?



Hi @rustam Thanks for the kind words… we are just arrnd the corner for Mutual Funds. We are giving the last touches on operations with RTAs and enhancing the experience based on our own usage experience.

We understand that our users seek very comprehensive products & solutions when it comes to Investing or Trading, which is why we are making sure we do offer a complete experience for Mutual Funds when we go live with it.


I do not understand why Beta user are not utilizes for doing beta testing of say mutual fund. Beta user means people who have subscribed for dhan beta in playstore app

But you have been giving it the final touch for more than three months.

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