Dhan Option Trader and Dhan website is sloppy today - Resolved!

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande I am seeing laggy and sloppy loading of dhan web and dhan options trader website, please check ?

Orders are submitted but not getting placed.

See the purple line moving at header indicating loading since more than 5 mins

@PravinJD We are checking on this. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will keep you updated.

Now after 5 mins, only one leg of spread got executed and second leg is nowhere to be seen…

This is serious issue… After first failed submission, I tried submitting spread thirce, dont know if these orders are going to be backed now ? I dont see them in pending orders either.

trying to close incorrectly placed order however this is still not getting executed

system is hanged, need urgent attention

  1. I placed a trade in bank nifty option Buy. it got reflected in the position after second attempt. While booking profit it was not happening. the position was only showing one position, whereas order was showing three order which was not reflecting in position. any attempt to reach dhan was impossible.
    finally a loss trade.
    will dhan compensate.

u are playing with our money. u have blacked all channel of communication

same problem, booked loss for this

Never seen such a chor broker. Going to close my account and move to my old broker.

I was able to close my position, did not want to take any risk.

I had place 3 spread orders and out of these only one leg of one of the spread got executed 10 mins after placing the order.

As of now I dont see any pending orders, I hope, old orders does not get placed from backend.

@shraddha please confirm

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @shraddha

There was chaos today morning on dhan apps, it impacted me along with other traders.

Earlier other traders also had some technological glitch so this is not something new however I would like to request following:

I would like Dhan team to come forward and share what was the root cause of the issue, what was done to fix it, and what mechanism is implemented to ensure this does not happen AGAIN.

This will help restore the impacted confidence on dhan trading platform.

I still believe, dhan platform has great potential and it is addressing some of the gaps however please note, having sound core platform is must have, rest of the add-on and good to have but are not must have.

hope you guys got the message. Awaiting official response from Dhan team

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@PravinJD We have written a detailed note on the downtime instance today, please check it here - Update: Downtime Instance today (3rd July, 2023)

Can we take fresh position now ?..

Please confirm…

@Amitagsk yes, you can take positions now

Hi @Amitagsk @PravinJD @cosmocorp @sridip @9109668971

We have posted the instance note for today’s downtime, request you to please check it out here: Update: Downtime Instance today (3rd July, 2023)

Additionally, to address your queries in real time we have created a separate email id: help3july@dhan.co , request you to please share your personal query on this and our team will get back to you at earliest.