Dhan option trader beta experience

One step at a time, we will bring this.

Awesome @PravinJ and Dhan team. Thanks for bringing the option trade web experience.

Is the OI bar graph shown there still monthly ?

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Yes, for now it is monthly. We have to bring weekly as well.

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K pls bring it ASAP.

Looks Awesome…

Some Fine tuning required.

Option to save strategy to track later is reqd. Presently no option to retrieve it later.


Yes. Same here, need an option similar to watchlist where we create a strategy , save it track. ( Similar to opstra )

Currently can only add to basket.

May be can provide a strategy view in basket :thinking: itself.

Yes, I also agree with you.

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It’s first version of Strategy Builder. Loads of feedback received and improvements planned. At Dhan, we don’t ship and forget. We improve our products & features everyday.


Effect of IV change on Payoff graph like Underlying value change is also required.
May please add the same in coming version.

Further, Once Strategy is saved to basket, it can be tracked from Basket section.

First version is awesome…Almost 90% are covered in this version.

Some more finetuning will make it best.

Keep it up team Dhan…

Order type generated in basket is of Intraday type.

There shd be option to specify it earlier, as for multiple leg one has to modify order type of all legs


There are many other features missing which are not even available with any Big Brokers in INDIA, but it is available with a FREE Option Virtual trading service provider called - NeoStox.

Some important features are listed below: -

  1. Grouping Trades -
    If straddle or strangle is deployed using basket order, it will show in one group with its own Total P/L in open position and in the history section if the trade is closed.

Multiple strategies can be deployed in multiple Index or stocks and we can track their current P/L individually at the same time without any confusion. Above all these Total P/L for the Intraday trades (Closed + Active ) along with total P/L for active positions only is also displayed.

  1. Option Trader -
    Just set your preferences and Neostox will automatically find the best Call or Put options to trade. Just click the button to Buy or Sell. No need to add to watchlist etc.
    It’s Artificial Intelligence Driven which is very Fast & Easy to trade options.

If " Dhan Option Trader " platform can ADD all these useful features from NeoStox which are missing in Dhan , it will be a new revolutionary step and very helpful for easy option trading.

Please make these updates in Dhan also, if possible.
Hope for the best…and we traders believe in Dhan’s improving technology.



One most important features Open Intrest chart plz add

Open Interest chart & Change in OI - we are planning to bring this quick. Most likely before public launch.

Best call / put - its already work in progress at our end.

ps: there is no need of any AI in this. It’s simple thing, not sure why everything these days gets marketed as AI enabled.


hi sir ,i requested many times to access of options web platform but not have access any thing to do
thank you

hey @asgkbotany Next set of invites / updates in first half of Jan 23.

Sir one more request kindly add Alert notifications on Web. So in time time we enter in the altered stock.

Can we have options virtual trading sir

I am not sure if i am looking at the wrong place, but it would be great if option greeks values can be shown as part of option chain. if its already existing, then please guide me where to look at. thanks.

hi @tradingprs, Welcome to Dhan community. Advanced Option Chain on Dhan has Greeks directly as part of Option Chain. More on that is here: Feature Update: Advance Options Chain now with Greeks