Dhan --> TradingView - Auto trading setup via webhook - Why?

Last week I opened account with Dhan and on friday my first order got triggered via TradingView alert. Of course I had help with the setting up of the webhooks, basket orders & the Json parsing.

Honestly with the choice of brokers out there, I never thought will try Dhan. But this webhook & automation has made me alter my course. I have only moved a fraction of the capital just for evaluation on how this integration plans out, but seeing the depth of work these guys have done - seems like the future is sound.

Firstly I would like to thank the strategists at Dhan to enable this trading view link. Usually brokers are fearful in integrating third party plugins & APIs.

I would like to hear from Dhan on what made them think about this disruption?

Thanks for the kind words @viswaram, if you liked the automation that you achieved with webhooks on TradingView, we are doing a full upgrade to the webhooks experience. It’s coming soon, bit delayed actually cause we are focussing a lot more on scaling our product, tech and infra.

Why we did this… bit tricky to answer this. Let me give this a shot… at Dhan we focussed on active traders, those who know trading in and out v/s focussing on newbie traders or investors. We see lot of active traders eventually moving towards being systematic traders with some automation or algorithms. That is why very early in our journey we launched full api stack on dhanhq.co. We work very closely with TradingView teams to bring some of these capabilities to India. Trading Webhooks is actually first of its kind even for TradingView.

Active Traders in India are a small bunch, and in that API based traders are even a small niche. Last I checked we have about 2000+ individual API traders on Dhan. We still have a long way to go, very early in our journey… but hope we are able to cater to them.

Well you have a first mover advantage, whether you capitalize on that depends on the further iterations.

Offering this for free is also commendable.

Last week you guys had some downtime, hope similar issues wont happen again.

@viswaram Thrilled to share that we have further enhanced the Webhooks experience on Dhan. Would love you know your feedback - Introducing: Webhooks as Order Type on Dhan. Now do Options Trading on TradingView.com

When will commodity trading allowed through TradingView Webhook

Hi @rkmaurya,

You can use Baskets order to trade commodity segment as of now. We have written more about it here : Introducing: Now execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView