Dhan TradingView Console (tv.dhan.co) - Explore Trading from Charts, brought to you by TradingView

Hello Traders,

We launched our hosted version of TradingView Console (tv.dhan.co) back in December ‘21 - launch post here, and it is one of the leading and most advanced charting tools that is available for traders across the globe. Everyday, tens of thousands of users login to analyse markets & charts, trade directly on charts, with extended features which make trading simpler for them at no extra cost.

We have continuously worked to optimise our charts and add new features, with 80+ builds over 18 months to deliver the best in class experience & features to our users. With tv.dhan.co, you can leverage the best of TradingView experience with additional features and capabilities that are built specially for Indian traders by Dhan.

Here are some of the most used features that is available to you on Dhan TradingView:

  1. Options Charts on tv.dhan.co
    You can access Options charts with the TradingView experience, only on tv.dhan.co

  2. Multi - Screen layouts
    Add upto 8 charts in a single screen. With tv.dhan.co, you can access multi-screen layout for free.

  3. Technical Indicators
    Apply as many indicators you want on charts from the list of 100+ . No limitations of indicators on charts.

  4. Option Chain on charts
    Access Option Chain directly from your chart layout. Right click on the chart to find Future & Option chain data.

  5. Native + Dhan Order Window
    We have built as per preferences of all our traders, and hence on tv.dhan.co, you can experience both - Native TradingView Order window and Dhan Order window, with click of button.

  6. TradingView Drawing tools
    All Tradingview proprietary drawing tools available on dhan Tv console. All Gann, Fibonacci, trend lines, Risk-Reward tools on the left side pane.

  7. Basket Orders on Charts
    Create and access Dhan Baskets directly from charts and execute option strategies directly.

  8. Markets Depth & Live Analytical Data
    With Live trade data and market depth on your charts, analyse markets in depth before taking trades.

  9. Instant Order Placement
    You can use tv.dhan.co even as a scalping tool. With instant orders turned on, you can place your desired quantity with the click of a single button.

  10. Synchronisation with all Dhan platform
    All your Dhan trades and portfolio synced on Charts - track your open positions and take quick actions on charts.

Here is a complete tutorial on how to use tv.dhan.co : How to use TradingView on Dhan? Complete tutorial on TradingView Charts explained in Hindi | Dhan - YouTube

That’s not all - we work very closely with TradingView teams to ensure we always keep providing you the most recent and updated libraries of TradingView. And we are adding more. As we build iteratively, there are a lot of upcoming features in the pipeline that we are adding soon.

It’s also important to understand that TradingView operates its own products and platforms. As a result, there are some of TradingView.com exclusive features which are not extended by TradingView over its library. These include features like:

  1. Bar Replay
  2. Community Indicators
  3. Pine Scripts
  4. Strategy Tester
  5. Stock Screener
  6. Alerts
  7. Community Features like:
    a. Minds
    b. Chats
    c. Ideas Stream
    d. Webinar Streams

In addition to this, there might be differences in the working of Indicators on TradingView.com and tv.dhan.co, as all the 100+ indicators on Dhan have been built in house by our team.

We also understand that many of you have your existing setups on TradingView, for such users Dhan also provides you the option to directly Trade from TradingView via connecting Dhan through its Trading Panel. Dhan is India’s first and only stock trading platform in India to offer this experience to you.

It is our commitment to offer the best charting experience to our users and we always keep updated to the latest charting libraries to offer the best product.

Happy Trading, on charts!

– Hardik