Dhan Tradingview order Panel = show Margin requirement & make it small or resizable & give default option for intraday/Normal = 3 points

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Hello , me & many other fellow traders need to know the Margin requirements before placing an order, often we manage according to our funds, & we keep changing strikes according to Margin requirements before placing an order. In live market, it’s tough to calculate manually.

  1. plz show us Margin requirements before placing an order in Dhan Tradingview platform. it’s the Main thing… one of the most needable feature in the platform. plz bring as sooon as Possible. plz Don’t make it late.

  2. and order window , order window must be resizable or must hv option of horizontal long view (instead of vertical) and 1 click hide/show option coz whenever we open price ladder(market depth) + order window it takes most of the page in live volatile market where we need to focus on our positions & different 2 charts and at this situation, 2 charts, order window & price ladder all need infront ! it will be really helpful if u guyz give option to resize or horizontal long view or 1 click hide/show

  3. by default it shows intraday option for buying selling, In tradingview plz give option to set our default order type (normal or intraday) so that from positions we can use OCO better (as OCO bydefault works for Normal order positions)
    real all the points & plz take action as soon as possible… plz it’s a request !

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Hi @Varsha777

Hope your query is answered here.

Yes this is well needed update…
“Margin required” it is essential on live market and while backtest…
its hard to calculate with option premiums and different lot sizes in different instruments .

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