Dhan tradingview - scripts sort by a-z (issue)

Hello Dhan Team
It’s a hardcore request from myside and behalf of all the Dhan Traders. As a swing trader we have to look every stocks and do proper analysis on it to grab an trading opportunity.

We as a trader are facing this issue from the very beginning and we are continuously reminding you about this bug but none of the steps taken to resolve this issue.

Once again i am creating this thread to remind you again about this issue.

Thank you

Hi @Pradhan

We are aware of this, and have also responded to couple of threads. This requires change in underlying mapping of scrips to our trading systems. If it were easy, we would have done it long time back.

On our list of things to do, we will pick this up.

Sir any temporary solution for this ???

I m also waiting for resolution of it.