Dhan TV - Three Different Bid Ask Values

Hi @PravinJ ,

Can you please explain why does the same page show three different BID ASK values? Please note that this is always the case, not once a while.

If market order is placed with minimum qty possible, order will be executed at which price?

BID on TV Immediate market order button = 0.0900 
BID on TV Label = 0.0875
BID on Market Depth = 0.0880
ASK on TV Immediate market order button = 0.0875 
ASK on TV Label = 0.0900
ASK on Market Depth = 0.0900


Will have to check this, the components on charts are both tradingview components. Came across this for first time, unless this is data or packet loss.

When order is placed, the price the execution price on exchanges… not on charts. Charts data is shown based on information received by exchanges.

Sure, I’ll wait for your final comments before adding anything further.