Dhan users can now enjoy the AlgoBulls platform!

Greetings Everyone!

We’re excited to share that the deep integration of AlgoBulls with Dhan is now complete. Dhan users can now enjoy our platform’s ready-to-use sophisticated trading strategies. They can also build their own strategies and test them in-depth in our Virtual Environment to eventually deploy them on their Dhan demat accounts.

In the past few years, many beginner traders have dipped their toes into the volatile waters of day trading with little or no knowledge. The ever-growing appetite for shorter-term returns has led a huge chunk of investors to dive into the retail markets to compete with the big sharks. To ensure such participants have access to a seamless and easy trading platform with unlimited trading knowledge from expert traders. AlgoBulls brings to you a complete ecosystem that allows the trading community to generate alpha in tough markets.

AlgoBulls offers a Deep Tech stack with end-to-end systematic trading for retail traders. As a Dhan user you will be able to trade, invest or build your own rule based trading strategy!

With the Dhan X AlgoBulls Collaboration, we have some exclusive offers for Dhan users:

1. Free Access to Python Builder
2. AlgoBulls’ Fixed Income Marketplace

Take a look at what our platform has to offer:

Choose Strategy:

Choose from a wide range of advanced, AI-driven strategies developed with cutting-edge technology. The AlgoBulls Marketplace has more than 170+ Systematic trading strategies created by industry leading experts. Our clients have also built and modified over 100K+ rule based strategies on the AlgoBulls platform so far! The AlgoBulls strategies are a combination of complex formulas and mathematical models that offer excellent speed and accuracy in comparison to Manual Trading. The Choose strategy marketplace is divided into 3 parts - Retail, Premium & HNI Marketplace.

Retail Marketplace:

The Retail Marketplace includes carefully chosen trading systems, ideal for all levels of experience, whether novice or expert. The Retail section includes Equity, Futures & Commodities cash segment strategies.

Premium Marketplace:

With our intelligent and powerful trading systems, we enable you to trade through Index Option Strategies in the Premium Marketplace.

HNI Marketplace:

AI-driven trading systems tailored for the HNI clientele’s individual needs and risk appetite. The HNI Marketplace includes Index Option Strategies.

Python Build:

For coders or non coders who would like to create their own Rule based Strategies! You can code your own strategy from scratch, or modify some of our ready-made templates to suit your needs. Get access to our state-of-the-art AlgoBulls Core Trading Engine, which automatically leverages our infra so that you can access the latest historical data to gauge the performance of your strategies. View the performance of your strategy using our visual analytics feature and continue to tweak till you are satisfied with the performance. Get your strategy approved for live trading from our experts and deploy it on 30+ supported brokers without coding any broker integration logic. Start creating your strategy now!

Fixed Income:

As a Dhan user you will also have access to AlgoBulls’ Fixed Income marketplace. Fixed income is an investment that focuses on capital and income preservation. It frequently includes investments such as government and corporate bonds/NSDs/MLDs. The AlgoBulls Fixed Income can provide a consistent stream of income while posing less risk than stocks.

AlgoBulls has gained prominence in the trading industry in a relatively short period of time, take a look:

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We are eagerly waiting for you to start your trading journey with complete system based trading on AlgoBulls!

Pushpak Dagade


Hi…Is there any plan to give discount on Algobulls subscription plans for Dhan users. If yes, then by when can we expect the same? Thanks.