Dhan Users can now Trade like the top 1% through Tactic

Hola Traders! :wave:

I am very Bullish to announce the integration between Tactic & Dhan is now live & kicking. Every Dhan user can take the advantage of Trade Ideas & Strategies of top SEBI-registered traders.

The entry barrier for traders in the stock market has always been high & trading consistently, tough. We believe the right strike of Tech + Advisory with a personalized and social experience that enables a user to trade passively & not sit in front of their screens for hours is the need.

Tactic provides Trade Ideas & Strategies of top SEBI registered traders in currently 3 modes - Intraday, Positional & BTST. As of now, we are operating in Cash segment, and have further modes & other segments coming up.

With the Dhan x Tactic collaboration - every Dhan user will be getting priority access to every new mode & segment that goes live on Tactic.

Our further offerings

  • Inclusive Dashboard - All the trades taken through Tactic can be managed through the dashboard in taps with prompts.
  • Trade with Friends - Create your own group of friends from the people in your contact list, and competitively trade on Tactic’s Ideas.
  • Trade in a Tap - After linking your broker, you just need to select a trade idea you like and trade it in mere 3 taps.

Some additional points

  • We are not a marketplace of tip sellers & have a policy of 1 SEBI Registered person after a segment. We have a structured onboarding process & partner integrations to serve you the best.
  • We have the phrase “systematic trading” underlying in Tactic. No intraday trade with a risk reward of lesser than 2 will be live on the platform.

The team at Tactic is awaiting for you all to cherish a new trading experience with Tactic.

Explore the Tactic App now!

Happy Trading :chart_with_upwards_trend:,

Parvez Dosani


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