Dhan users can now use KEEV's automated trading for Free!

We are glad to announce that KEEV is now integrated with Dhan and Dhan users can enjoy the entire suite of features for FREE. KEEV aims to simplify automated trading by providing a no-code trading platform that helps to test and fully automate your strategy in just a few clicks. It is a one stop solution for all your trading requirements, right from backtesting to fully automated live trading and everything in between.

What KEEV offers:

Create Strategy & Backtest – Use a combination of 70+ indicators and candlestick patterns to create your strategy and backtest it over historical data of 3 years

Optimization – Get the most profitable combination of stop-loss and target for your strategy

Virtual Trading – Paper trade your strategy in live markets and see the results

Live Trading – Fully automated live trading for all different types of orders

Options Trading – Create and automate time based or indicator-based options strategies with multiple legs

Connectors – Already have a strategy and alerts in TradingView and AmiBroker? Automate order placement on Dhan via KEEV connectors

Astra – Ready made strategy templates to guide and educate users starting out in their trading journey

Dhan users get access to all these as well as upcoming features, absolutely free. Simply create your strategy on our easy-to-use platform and start automating today!

Login to KEEV here: https://www.keev.tech/


Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Glad to have you onboard as a partner. Looking forward to achieving great things together!

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wow that sounds cool checking it right now but sadly dont know how to use it and sign up for it using dhan

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How to use keev along with Dhan platform?

Kindly sign up on dhan.keev.tech to start using the platform. To integrate your Dhan account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “Broker” section from the menu on the left
  2. Click on “Add Broker” button
  3. In the popup window, give a name of your choice and enter your Dhan User ID. Click “Add”

Dhan account is now successfully integrated with your KEEV account.

To update the access token, follow the steps below:

  1. In the “Broker” section, click on “Generate”
  2. Dhan login page will open in a new window
  3. Login to your Dhan account
  4. After entering the OTP, “Not Found” page will appear. This is NOT an error
  5. Simply copy the URL of this page and paste it in the pop-up that appears on KEEV and click “Agree”

Access token is now successfully updated. We recommend users to update it everyday before market opens, for uninterrupted live trading.

Happy Trading! :blue_heart:


Hi for dhan users is it free forever or 30 day trail?


I am not able to add dhan in keev while authenticating there is error message


Mobile number daalne ke baad bhi ye errror aa raha hai, screen se message hat nahi raha

I got the same error …
First login normally without Dhan then it asks for mobile number update it later u can link Dhan account

For Dhan users it is free for 30 days. Kindly use dhan.keev.tech and not keev.tech to get the 30-day free Pro trial. Thanks

Please call at 90824 64920 or mail us at help@keev.tech

@Skr @laxman Please try again. You will not get this query again. Thanks for notifying us.

I cant use keev for free(without subscription

Too much lag, hangs during strategy creation…
do not execute command , have to do multiple times…
keev need to improve


Requesting @Monil to connect with you and resolve

Options backtesting is launching in February

Kindly login using dhan.keev.tech to get free access

i created 2 connectors on keev for call buy and exit and put buy and exit with supertrend indicator on tradingview . Replicated same in line Dhan youtube video - Systematic trading Joverney with charts
with keev.
Alerts are triggered on trading view but orders are not getting placed on Dhan.

Please support on resolving this issue.


Is Keev still free for Dhan users ? I logged it through dhan.keev.tech but showing Starter pack with 10 days left