Dhan users can Trade Sensex Option Strategies on Algotest.in

AlgoTest is a platform which helps retail traders to develop their trading strategies with a click of a button. It is a NO CODE platform and is very easy to create, test and deploy the strategies. One can easily perform backtest, forward test and live trade.
Now AlgoTest.in users can successfully perform Live Trading Strategies on both BSE and NSE. Click here to live trade: bit.ly/3t1fZoF

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What is the offer pricing for DHAN users?

  1. Our pricing model starts from as low as 299 INR.
  2. we do also provide great value packs like unlimited backtesting plan for 7 and 28days at affordable rates, where traders can do unlimited backtests.
  3. We also offer regular plans with a credit costing as low as 0.67INR.
    Do check our Pricing plan here: https://algotest.in/#pricing
    For all Queries regarding pricing please refer here: https://algotest.in/blog/faqs-about-pricing-algo-trading-software-india/
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