Dhan Web - Markets Tab > stocks By value > need Total of value (Cr.) column , VWAP column & VWAP advance decline ratio

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:pray:i am in Love with Dhan web’s Market tab interface and using it quite often. really need few things there :heart:

IN Dhan Web - Markets Tab > stocks By value > need “Total of value (Cr.) column.” (have attached multiple screenshots to understand) Either u can Give Total value of that column (value Cr.) of all the scripts or Total Value of Top 15 highest value’s Total (Top 15 because they are the most active & serves & helps the purpose) or better if u can give both the Totals which i have showed in the screenshot

and if we select any sector from dropdown , it should show Total of that sector’s stock value (cr.) example of this is also attached in the screenshot.

also this Total of value will be helpful here in the indices section to quickly see or sort indices according to Total intraday values (cr.) highest to lowest

and one more but very important thing

here we need a column called VWAP [Volume-Weighted Average Price] , plz give Green color in VWAP column numbers if LTP is above VWAP and give Red color in VWAP Column numbers if LTP is below VWAP. or at least give VWAP column with or without colors

and at last plz give advance decline ratio in index pop up gadget. attached the nice idea with my screenshot.

Hope u go through all the above 5 point suggestions & implement them all which is extremely helpful for all the traders of Dhan.


Thanks for your detailed suggestions & feedback. Happy to know that you’re loving the Dhan web experience.

Pointer 1,2,3:
Feedback noted. Can you please also let know as a trader how will bringing the option of Total value of cr column will be helpful for you? curious to understand what problem it can address.

Pointer 4:
Feedback noted on this. Although, I believe a lot of traders preferred indicator is different, and hence bringing VWAP indicator might interfere with their trading experience.

Pointer 5:
suggestion noted. Will explore the possibilities of bringing it.

Again thanks for a detailed note, suggestions like helps in building world class trading experience.

Keep Contributing to the Dhan community :slight_smile:

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feeling the need of these changes more & more ! the more i trade & use DHAN i want such smart features in Dhan web. plz incorporate all suggested ideas as early as possible. i quite often use these tabs & want the Total of that column as well as Total of Top 15 Value’s SUM separately on the same page the way i showed in the screenshots. i request u plz add such things !

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any updates or your views on these detailed clear ideas or features ??

Hi @Varsha777 ,

The decisions of bringing features in our platforms depends on a lot of things. We will surely evaluate the possibility of introducing the requested feature by you.

@Sameet @PravinJ @Poornima the above feedback & suggestions Can really add values to your users & beloved traders… plz consider & Do note the above suggestions at earliest…