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Hi @PravinJ ,

It would be great if there is an option to select a predefined watchlist (similar to Invested) like NIFTY50, BANKNIFTY to quickly glance through watchlist script charts.

Even there should be a global watchlist (containing the global indices) as well, since a watchlist provides shortest workflow without losing other information on the screen.


Hi @pushpa

We had thought about this, however realised that users are very particular about the stocks they want to track in watchlists, hence dropped the idea.

Alternatively - which is why we have markets tab, and stocks where we show full detailed break-up for about 15 indices. Also recently introduced new menu on web to make adding to watchlists easier- Fast Navigations in Dhan Web Trading Console

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Dear PravinJ,

I am yet to find a trader in india who is not interested in Nifty50. Show us what survey you have done to get users input on Dhan – None in fact. your realisation is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy. Also, your so called indices page do not allow adding Nifty50 stock directly to any watchlist. Actually, you should confess that you do not have any expertise on this and TradingView is saying big no for adding in for Dhan.co. In fact , quick adding as described on How to add Nifty 50 stocks in tradingview? - PRICE ACTION HUB is not even working to my surprise. Learn a few new things, boss. You are a still new kid in the town.

Seems, dhan has predefined list hidden in myriad of click button. It’s a boy… :grin:. I got a annoying floating windows when clicked on index in place of anchored one… Any solution for anchoring it ?

Hi @Vgc

TradingView (main site) is largely for information & data consumption on charts and its awesome, we are all fans of it and which is why we partnered and built a lot on TradingView components across Dhan. There are some more things we are work on to make life super easy for chart users. However when one connects TradingView with a transaction execution platform, things change a lot under the hood.

For traders who track Indices, not just NIFTY50 - we provide much comprehensive list of things

  1. Live Market Scanners
  2. Pre-built Indices is available on tv.dhan.co
  3. Full market-view of all major indices (screenshot below)

On our list of things to do is build the watchlist experience from ground zero. We have received tons of ideas and suggestions, if we get bandwidth may be we will bring some of those components by end of this year - else next year.

Hi @PravinJ ,

Since most of trader/investor trade/invest in specific, if you can accommodate following feature request, it would be of great help!

Dhan Web - Watchlist Search

Thanks for the info. Let us see how we roll out and work it. We are with you.Carry on.