Dhan Web UI not updating


After an order is successfully executed, the position is not updating in the positions page in dhan web

This issue is happening since approx 1 week
I’m using latest chrome on Windows 10
I’ve tried the same in Firefox also.

Same issue persists.

I have to refresh the page everytime to see the actual positions.


Seriously, Dhan’s web interface needs a MAJOR overhaul.
Its very rudimentary.
Same applies to option builder too!

Video link - https://youtu.be/7K31iJE-BAA

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Hey @som079 Order is executed. Will check for refresh rates on this.

Yes, order is actually executed.

But its only visible AFTER refreshing the page.
I’m forced to do this every time I place an order.

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Yes I have also seen the same. Page needs to be manually refreshed to see the updated open positions.


Noted, we will get this updated.


Above isn’t the only bug in dhan web.
The interface is very rudimentary & the UI obviously has not been thought through.

Something to seriously look into.

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Facing same problem

Profit loss do not get updated.
Most of tne things need force refresh, which is very lame in the year 2023.

Also pnl on trade on chart has similar issues.
This should be resolved on first priority.


ALso kindly note above issue effects order page also

Example - I sold 20 lots of Nifty CE. It showed 16/20 sold & order status as “partially executed” even after 10 mins

But when I refresh, the same order shows as executed with original timestamp.

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Issue of positions not refreshing happened today again.
Kindly look into it

The order has executed, but position is not updating on Positions page.
Only when I manully refresh, I can see the correct positions.

Issue is happening both for entering new positions or existing old positions.

Hi @som079, we made some changes to this recently, do review and let us know.