Dhan with sensibull access

Any updates regarding dhan with sensibull access in the nearby future??

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Yes it will be very useful…zerodha is providing

@Rajkumar7 @Kannangp6 Dhan provides a dedicated option trading platform like sensibull and its free.

I think sensibull is not interested to integrate with Dhan.

We are happy to integrate with any platform that helps traders and investors. We had exploratory talks, eventually it didn’t go forward or they were not keen to pursue. We were too small broker (and we still are). Our users keep asking, so we went ahead and built our own platform for Strategy Builder.

So yes, at this point it is not happening. We continue to be open for all integrations as long as that helps our users. Hopefully things may change in future.

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I’m currently working on a project that requires real-time access to the Option chain data using Dhan API, and I could use some guidance and insights from those who have experience with it. Here are a couple of questions I have:

  1. How can I access real-time Option chain data using Dhan API? Are there specific endpoints or methods I should be aware of to retrieve this information?
  2. What are the prerequisites for integrating Dhan API into my trading application to access Option chain data in real-time? Do I need any special permissions or subscriptions?
  3. Why do you personally find it beneficial to access real-time Option chain data from Dhan API or similar sources? What advantages does it offer in terms of trading strategies, risk management, or any other aspects?
  4. Are there any specific challenges or considerations I should be aware of when working with real-time data from Dhan API, such as handling data updates, latency, or reliability?

Can you help over it…

Hello @shivdeep,

Answered all your queries on the other thread: No option to find LTP of a stock in Dhan API - #29 by Hardik

The strategy builder is a decent one…I would like to request some improvement.

I am not finding a way to open my existing position in builder where I can do modification /add /amend position.Please include this feature…I was stuck with one positions and desperately wanted to exit one leg and add another…but I had to do it manually…My existing position does not open in strategy builder.

Hi @Hars I guess you were trying to do that in Dhan. It is available on Options Trader web, please check this post - Introducing: Analyse Positions with Pay-Off Graph on Options Trader

Thanks Pravin for Quick reply…I have seen the payoff graff…but I was looking for position amendment…to cut a leg and open a new one in same strategy…if the existing strategy could be open in builder would be great like sensibull…I am using option trader web …but there seems to be no way to change a position already entered apart from separately punching order.

Hi @Hars Something similar to what you are looking for is in works to adjust strategies… will take some time. We have had discussed this internally.