DhanHQ API for adding stocks to Watchlist and set price alerts

Hello everyone

Is there any way to add multiple stocks to watchlist and set price alerts for multiple tickers at the same time either uploading a csv file specified format or using dhanHQ api?


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I have the same question here. Do you have Dhan API to set price alerts for stocks?

Hello @kbkalyani56 @mnikhil

We do not have APIs to set price alerts. Can you please elaborate on the use case of setting Price Alerts via API, other than bulk creation?

Hi @Hardik

I want to primarily use this feature for swing trades. If the trigger is based on either price actions or indicator based, then it is not possible to track individually 100s of stocks and can use this feature to create price alerts.

Noted @kbkalyani56

Just a follow up question here. If you are intending to run this daily and create Price alerts for each stock meeting criteria, then why not directly place orders for these? If you are planning to run this at intervals, then in that case, modification of Price Alerts will also be required and crucial.

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My use case is the second one. Thus definitely as you have correctly guessed modification of the price alert is crucial.

hi Hardik

I usually have an offline system (spreadsheet) to develop the price levels for a set of stocks (about 100-150 of them) and I would like a system through API to be able to monitor the set of current price alerts set on dhan account via (python) api and viz-a-viz what is in the spreadsheet data for the given stock and since Dhan offers price alerts for equities and is great at API systems, would be just a great match and it would be in real bad taste to continue to miss this possibility.

The idea is make use of automation to do in batch and be true to what my system is telling about the stock specific price levels.

100% with all operations possible : set, list, modify, delete (CRUD)

Understood @mnikhil. I get the use case you are trying to solve.

We will look into this and try to include in roadmap. Since we focus primarily on execution speeds and ease of use with API product, we will have to look into how Price Alerts can help here.

Do you think Forever Order with APIs would be a better fit here?

→ Do you think Forever Order with APIs would be a better fit here? ←

That will not work in this case because before order we needs to check few price action conditions before entry so the price alert is a point where a trader will stay ready for entry when price reach near that point. hope that help to under stand alert requirement.

Hello @surinder9

The question was primarily for Price Alerts API, and whether the same is required or not for Algo Trading. Even if Price Alerts are set via APIs, price alerts are sent on Dhan platforms - which include Web, App and charts.

Unless there is a callback mechanism for Price Alerts on Open API layer, which will be again challenging for traders to receive.

@Hardik I think there is confusion …
this topic is for build upload price alerts with watch list agree…
please consider we are not talking about algo. :slight_smile:

We simply need endpoints from which we can save alerts and stocks into dhan account it’s not about receiving defiantly we will receive it in mobile or web

Understood @surinder9

Thank you for the clarification. As mentioned earlier, we want APIs to be robust execution mode first. Exposing endpoints for in-app features is in a completely different direction, unless it aids execution.