DhanHQ Tradingview Chrome Extension

Done, you can expect this in the next release. :+1:

Release Notification:

Version: 1.3.2


Iceberg / Auto Slicing on Tradingview Order panel


DhanHQ Tradingview Extension Download:

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It’s been a while since we added new features to the extension.

Current work is in progress: Adding Executable Option Strategy on the TV Option Chain itself - something like the one below. Will be rolling out the feature in 2 - 3 wks max.


Release Notification:

Executing Option Strategies like Short Straddle, Short Strangle, Ratio Spread, etc are made easy from Dhan’s Tradingview Option Chain itself.

PS: Many more strategies are yet to be added in the coming releases. If you need to add some strategy asap, please DM me with details, I can fastrack it for you.

Version: 1.5.2


Execute Option Strategy directly from Dhan’s Tradingview Option Chain


Extension Download Link: DhanHQ Tradingview Extension - Chrome Web Store

Happy Trading!

~Vinay S


So will it work unattended like zerodha streak and trade rocket extension combination?

Auto execute my trades as per singal recieved from streak strategy.

Hi @RajeshK, Yes & No, We need market feed data + server-side subscription to place an order automatically.

Planning to build an end-to-end auto trading tool based on signals without manual intervention. PS: depends on DhanHq Feed API availability & regulation checks, I will plan to release it soon

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Hello @vinay_sd17, Today I registered for a 3-day trial for your Dhan Chrome Extension before taking the paid subscription, but unfortunately, the extension has been removed mistakenly while removing other extensions. I reinstalled it and tried to log in using the same email ID, but was unable to log in, but the features are working (screenshot attached). Kindly help and suggest.

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Congrats :partying_face: :tada: @vinay_sd17 splendid work…!

1 more requirement which will be really a good idea if u can implement…

For ​

  • Autofill SL or Target with fixed % or with Fixed price?

Can u plz make something like autofill SL of previous candle low from entry price as autofill SL ?

(pre define settings can be given like
1] previous candle low as autofill SL
2] previous candle + (N number)1 or 2 or 3 candles low as
autofill SL
3] Previous candle low + 2 points or 5 points buffer = autofill SL

this can be really helpful to the scalpers & people who trade from charts and want to take quick entries with real-time risk management…

plz if possible work on this…


Great idea, although there is features like target and sl in terms of points but I am a scalper and I do 1 min scalping in nifty50 options…
Sometimes it’s difficult to put sl immediately…
As u said most of the time my sl is also low of previous candle as I am option buyer añd never sell

From next week I will use this extension…let’s see

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Hi @DebadattaMahakud

@vinay_sd17 will be soon replying to the query and suggestion.

Do share across your experience of using the extension in the community. I am sure it will help our other community members as well.


Hi, @DebadattaMahakud Thanks for trying out the extension.

We are using the third-party library for subscription & billing management & they have a limitation of 1 email per trial until you uninstall the extension. I am in talks with them for the fix.

In the meantime, I suggest you register with an alternate email and use the extension on the trial version.

Also, the issue you mentioned, I tried replicating it & seems like it’s working fine. I am not seeing extensions without login - the features are not available. I guess it may be some JS cache, showing the buttons, Try doing a hard refresh it will disappear.

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Hi, @Varsha777 It’s a good idea to have a candle-based SL. Thanks for suggesting I will try to add it in the coming days. Before that, I have some questions

  1. Getting Historical data will add some delay in order placement → the time at which Parent Leg order Buy/Sell Order click. Is it okay?

  2. Let’s say
    Candle 1 - High 100, Low 98
    Candle 2 - High 101, Low 99
    Entry - CMP 98, Entry leg as BUY, Now SL is invalid as per the previous candle SL is 99 SELL Trrigger. Here what default is to be made as SL? (Same for reverse)

  3. We may need to add a candle time frame also as input → as some may use 2mins/3mins/5mins/15mins candles. right?

cc: @DebadattaMahakud

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Dear @vinay_sd17, and @RahulDeshpande, Today I paid for the monthly subscription because I accidentally removed the trial version and it was no longer functional. I’ll give it a try for my scalping setup and share my thoughts and insights to improve it.

I appreciate @vinay_sd17 providing such a useful tool at a reasonable cost.

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Thanks @DebadattaMahakud for purchasing. Let me know here or reach me over whatsapp if you face any problem.

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if i want short straddle to get executed at > particular price only : is that possible through your chrome extension ? either both ce, pe execute if it reach more then a price level set ?

Hi, @007Decoder No current release does not support that. Maybe we will add it in future releases.

Your Requirement is:
Take an order with a Limit price on both legs right?
Take an entry on CE/PE at the market price, if NF/BNF reaches a certain price level.?

Wanna sell straddle on opening 1min candle : conditions set : straddle ce pe premium reaches let’s assume greater than 200 in nifty 50 options.

I don’t know if it will work with limit or market order better. Also if m selling more the premium i fetch with rules set in opening seconds, better.

There wud be time when my criteria won’t fit because premium in opening seconds is very dynamic & volatile, so market order m not looking for.
2nd sub level rule would be to get a proportionate% of ce pe : 60-40 or 40-60 or sometime 70-30 , to get balance between the premiums , it should not be extreme ce or pe premiums. Like 200 straddle premium : ce > 120 & pe > 80 & vice versa.

any updates for this extension ??

is it possible to execute SL Market (or even SL limit) order with pre defined Stoploss & Target. here be aware i don’t want to buy lower than the CMP & placing stoploss & target accordingly… i Want to buy at higher price than CMP, So i want SL market or limit order with predefined stoploss & target order,
hope you get my point. please reply, @vinay_sd17

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