Direct change chart like tradingview app feature

Dear @Dhan,
Please add one feature like tradingview app.
We can directly change chart from charts tab in one click, now we have to go back and then choose script to open chart.
If this will enable then too much time we can save, and timely entered in trade.

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Hi @ashwaniyadav701, you can trade directly from TradingView apps on Dhan (announcement soon) - simply connect Dhan via Trade Panel.

That aside, we recently introduced Multi-Window charts on Dhan that are already being used actively by traders. More on that here - Introducing: Multi-Window Charting Experience on Dhan App

@PravinJ Yes u are right but tradingview app charts are slightly delay so we miss the buy little late bocs of basic plan in tradingview and connect with dhan as well

After all these charts are slightly delay maybe 5 sec


Though multi window charting on app is very useful and I use it all the time but I feel the more optimal solution would be changing charts by scrolling through watchlist also. For e.g., let’s say I have 15 stock in watchlist. Now, in multi window I should remember the scrip name for putting into different windows. But what I’m saying is there should be some way to moving from one scrip to another in the watchlist without having to go back and forth in the watchlist.

So, if one doesn’t remember the scrips in his watchlist that limits the use case of multi window charting in app.

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Hi @Shally

We have made a note of your suggestion to allow changing/opening scrip in multi-window via watchlist. We will surely explore the possibilites to enhance our user experience. Thank You !

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