Direct Mutual Fund

When Direct Mutual Funds will be launched?

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Hi @Abhi1401 Welcome to Dhan community. We are in the final stage of testing of Mutual Funds, we hope to bring them to all users by next month, hopefully.

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@PravinJ good to know that you are bringing in Direct MF. Please ensure to have the following things in the direct MF platform.

  1. For each SIP/Lumpsump transaction, the date, NAV and nos of days are added as part of the portfolio. This helps a lot. Sharing screenshot of Zerodha.
  2. Some AMCs only allow AMC SIP - hopefully you will cover that
  3. Incremental investment amount should be as per AMC allowed denomination and not equal to the initial investment. amount.

What is the ETA for launching of MF ?

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Hi @smitnk

Thank you for sharing your suggestion and we already note it down.

Also, Mutual funds development is in the final stages. we will be going live soon.

What is the current status now? Next month has been passed couple of months back.

Any update on the mutual fund and bonds sad to see the coming soon on both of them. It’s been so long now…

Please also consider ZERODHA Mutual funds in the list when DHAN introduces MUtual funds

Hi @pavz,

Sure, we will include ZERODHA Mutual Funds in the list when we are ready to launch our Mutual Funds offerings.

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Dhan Team,

Please do not keep the Mutual Funds in Demat format, this will cause trouble later for nominees. Kindly avoid mf in demat. Direct AMC holding would be best. Please consider. I avoid buying mutual funds where it is held in demat.

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IMHO, it is better to have MF in demat format. It facilitates the below operations:

  1. You have a nominee for your demat account and it is applicable for the MF also. No need to supply nominee info for each folio.
  2. You can pledge the MF for trading FNO.
  3. In case you want to change broker, you can simply transfer the holding via CDSL site. No need to sell and buy which will incur capital gains.

Disagree with point no. 3 - In case of mutual funds held in SOA format, no need to change anything as all the data is already with RTAs. If I don’t like a platform or broker, I can buy or sell at another platform without any fuss.

IMHO mutual funds held in SOA format gives users more options and freedom to manage their portfolio.


@Divyesh @Kiran can you share your views on this?

Hi @fastrizwaan,

Thanks for your input! Rest assured, we won’t be launching Mutual Funds in Demat format. We understand your concerns, and we agree that direct AMC holding is often the best way to go.

Your feedback matters, and we’re here to make investing hassle-free for you.


Hi @smitnk, @encore

Thanks for sharing your perspective. While transferring holdings via CDSL is an option, I still believe that holding mutual funds in SOA format offers users more flexibility and options to manage their portfolios. It’s all about personal preference, and I appreciate the diversity of viewpoints in our discussions.

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Thank you!

If you do launch mutual funds in SOA format, and provide a simple interface (something like Kuvera website, not the app version) + XIRR/CAGR for each transaction and overall (folio-wise), I will immediately switch to Dhan. And ask all my family members and friends to do the same.

Right now I use Kuvera but the app interface is cluttered and takes a while to understand the information displayed there, so I use the website version only. Also, no XIRR folio-wise and no returns shown for individual transactions. Apart from these things, Kuvera has been good for me in case of mutual funds.


Can we have a timeline for launch of Direct mutual fund on Dhan?

Hi @Kiran,

Can it still be pledged for trading margin in SOA format?

Recently saw Mutual Fund feature being given early access. Is early access phone app only feature for now or will early access to Mutual Fund be extended to desktop/web app as well? A lot of features on Dhan are becoming phone app only feature (just for example nomination facility). Kindly i ask Dhan team to extend features to desktop users as well.

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On the Mutual Fund front, all the details will be shared on the community soon. Request you to please keep an eye.

We are building multiple features across our App and Dhan Web our focus is always on bringing the best for users across all the platforms.

It has Great capabilities like tracking seamless external portfolio. And lots of other things.
Please don’t Seprate external portfolio and Dhan mf portfolio.
If bring folio management it great :smiley:.this future Is allredy with Kuwera. And ability invest in user prefered folio or create new one on user preferences no automatic folio creation. Just like Kuwera.
We need this features with simpler Dhan ux.
Take more time but bring something good :+1: better than we already have.