Discrepancies in Chart

Hi All,

Today I have observed few discrepancies/dissimilarities in SILVERMIC FEB 23 chart in Trading View (Dhan) with Trading View (Direct Website), Zerodha and with MCX data. I have provided screen shot to show the issue I have mentioned. Please do the needful to avoid such discrepancies in chart in futures. I

@Dhan & @Dhan_Help & @PravinJ

Hi @MonkInTrade - I checked this after seeing your post, we didn’t this tick for that candle from the exchange, if you see daily chart it will be absolutely fine.

More details in the post that @Rich has marked : Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

Hi, @Rich & @PravinJ,

I hope that you have gone through all the screen shots that I have shared. The data is completely mismatch with the data provided by exchange i.e. MCX. So the claim of absolute inaccuracy does not stand anyway in this case. Now in whatever form you are trading, the chart is giving you wrong signal. After almost four hours from the first 5-minutes candles, I have taken the screenshot, where it was clearly showing that the data was not updated by then. But at the end of the day (at around 11 pm) the data is updated.

One more thing I want to mention here that if I login into Trading View through Dhan, it shows me the right chart but not allow to trade in the scripts, I have shared. So altogether the features that newly provided, does not make any difference or sense!!! The same goes with all the currency scrips!!! I am again hope that Dhan team will come up with suitable solutions and very very soon.

All the best.