Dividend tab isn't updating itself

Hey @Dhan @PravinJ

I’m writing to bring to your attention an issue that has been causing a lot of frustration for me.

I’ve noticed that the Dividends tab isn’t getting updated to accommodate the latest corporate actions, while there isn’t too many scripts for me personally that has went ex-dividend, I’d like to hear what the other users experience is. Feel free to add if you’ve noticed this issue as well.

Apart from this, now I’ve come to notice that even the trades tab for the scripts that are in the portfolio is missing some data for multiple scripts. Now it isn’t happening with all the scripts but it is causing a lot of confusion at my end and I’m hoping for other users as well.

Now I’ve already brought the dividend issue to the customer support’s notice twice actually and it hasn’t yielded any results, which is frustrating really.

I hope writing here gets this issue the needed attention from Dhan team and sees early resolution.

Hi @Vishk519, Can you share some specific issue or incident where Dividend isn’t updated, will help us identify this.

Same for trades in Portfolio, or Dividends as well. I use these features well, not noticed anything odd. Also for Customer Service team, they will need specific information to review information.

Hey @PravinJ.

I had provided screenshots to the Customer support of the dividends tab and they had assured me that it will be fixed.

I’m attaching screenshots here.
Hope this helps.

Now the trades tab issue is very problematic as the trades aren’t just missing from the tab but those trades seem to be missing from Dhan TV charts as well.
No arrows on the charts which are useful in logging trades at any point of time.

As you can see the trade on made on 22nd June fails to appear in the trades tab.
I can show you more instances of this if you need.

Hope this gets fixed.

Hi @Vishk519

We are having this checked and will update you on your registered mail id.