"download as CSV"downloads broken XLSX

Hi @Dhan team,

2 bugs:

  1. on portfolio page I see option as “download as CSV” but it is downloading XLSX file
  2. This file is not opening for me and throwing an error.

Can you pls check. I tried attaching the file here but it is not allowing me to attach xlsx file

Hi @erankitjain,

We are getting this checked with our team and will keep you posted.

Hi @erankitjain,

Thanks for highlighting. We have identified the scenario, this will be fixed in our next build.

Hi @Poornima,

Is this fixed? any eta for it?

Hi @erankitjain

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive confirmation from our concerned team.

Hi @erankitjain this was updated some time back. Keeping this post updated.

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