Dragging Stop(Trigger) and Limit price boxes on the chart(tv.dhan chart)


I have recently shifted to dhan(dhan web specifically) from angel/zerodha and I must say that the charts are fabulous and I am loving the features. Especially the feature to drag the stop limit order on the chart.

One thing that is annoying though is sometimes when I drag the Limit price box or Stop(trigger) price order on my option trade(which is already executed) there is an annoying message saying “limit is out of bounds…pls contact your broker” something like that and the drag fails. This happened with me multiple times in the past 2-3 sessions and I was UNABLE to TRAIL my trade as I desired.

I fail to understand why the limit price should be out of bounds when the limit/Stop(trigger) is dragged inside the chart. This feels an irrelevant error.

Please help. Thanks

Hi @Shrinivas100, Welcome to the Dhan Community!

Thanks for your kind words, we really appreciate it. :smiley:

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Hi @Shrinivas100 This may be happening because Limit Price is far than what it is expected to be. Will have this reviewed.

Hi Pravin,

I understand the error but my limit price was not too far it was like 2 points away eg. Stop price 12.5 and limit 14.5

This feels weird.

Yes, I agree. While we see this as 2 points away, exchanges will see this in % basis.

We had a limit of 10% on this gap last week, we have now relaxed it to 20% starting from today. More updates, do review this post if you specifically use this feature: Implementation of LPP (Limit Price Protection) on Orders Placed on Exchanges

Okay I understand and appreciate the 20% gap change.

Can we help the traders by introducing a minor change feature. Provide ability to drag both Trigger box(line) and Limit box(line) together SIMULTANEOUSLY on the chart to trail the trades easily.

Currently we need to drag them separately which creates this limit price gap issue to trail the trades.