Drawing on Charts

@Naman, Yesterday, I analysed chart, drawn support & resistance on the chart and saved it. Today I found that the drawings are missing on the chart. This I have observed in the past also. Please check the reason for drawings getting erased automatically.

Same I am facing issue @leodetnt , @PravinJ sir pls see the error drawings deleted automatically when open next time.

Hello @leodetnt

This might happen if your Chart Layout exceeds the 5 MB limit. You can try by creating a new layout from Settings button on top panel. In case, you still face the same issue, do let us know.

@yogesh86k have replied you to another thread here: Chart drawings Automatically deleted - #2 by Hardik

Dear Hardik.

I just drawn one support and one resistance line and I am sure the size is less than 5MB. It has been observed in the past, drawings from charts automatically gets erased. This needs to looked into by Dhan Tech team.


Can you please share your Client ID over DM, will get this checked.

Dear Hardik,

Today I have saved drawing on the chart, lets see, if it remains tomorrow.