Dynamic Basket Reqest

At present if I am trading in the Bank Nifty Option and want to implement Bull Call spread I will specially write something like this, explicity selecting the strike price
Buy 41500 Call
Sell 41700 Call

It would be great if you give an provision in basket wherein I will just specify the ATM price like for example
Buy ATM Call
Sell ATM + 2 Call

Or customize like
Buy ATM - 1 Call
Sell ATM + 3 Call

This will be an effecient and optimized way to handle basket , instead of tinikering the basket whern bank nifty is very volatile and we need to rejig the basket manually for the changing ATM price

Hello @ngbhat

Dynamic Option Strike selection is useful, however as you yourself mentioned, it is hard to calculate ATM strike price when markets are extremely volatile. It becomes difficult to maintain accuracy when we calculate at scale for thousands of endpoints, while maintaining order execution speeds.

Also, we would like to give the power to the end user to tweak their strategies at their convenience. That being said, we will definitely revisit and evaluate the idea of dynamic option strike selection. Currently, we are focusing on enhancing user’s core trading experience on Dhan, you can check out Upcoming Features on Dhan: for Jan & Feb 2023.

Regarding ATM price , you can follow the same logic that you are currently using for displaying in Pre Built strategies. Attaching the screenshot for you reference. I guess if its not an issue there for the users , it should not be an issue here either …

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Hello @ngbhat

Pre-Built Strategies are displayed upfront and whenever you place order from here or save this in basket, it takes the strike price as displayed and not as ATM±. In this case, the probability of error is minimal the strike prices will change as per ATM logic only when you refresh the page.

There is a huge difference between how baskets and pre-built strategies are handled in the system. We will try to evaluate if this is technically feasible without losing execution speed.