E mandate in stock sip


Is there facility for e mandate in stock sip

Hi @InjectorX ,

Mandates are not available currently for stock SIPs but they are a part of our roadmap. We will update you once live.

Product @ Dhan

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Cool, It would be very helpful for long term investors .

@Pranita - Do we have any ETA for this feature. Also, a use case which you might want to add - I don’t do stock SIP. Instead using the mandate I want to add money to my dhan wallet every week automatically. Since I trade using algo, this would make my system truly independent.

FYI @Hardik

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It would be a good idea if IPO type UPI based mandate is implemented.

i.e. Instead of transferring funds from our bank account, we set UPI mandate of say 5 lakhs with mandate validity of 1 day.

And when any buy order is executed, the related amount is deducted from the mandate. I can place more orders throughout the day till the limit of 5lakhs.

At the end of the day remaining mandate gets released automatically because it was valid only for 1day.

This will have all the advantages of ASBA type payments.

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I think they are planning on feature of auto add funds to trading account on reaching certain balance through upi auto top up feature. This shall function almost similarly as e mandate.

Pls correct if there’s any mistake in my understanding.

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You are absolutely right :+1:t2: