eDIS status disappeared after update

Earlier in the holdings section, there was eDIS status button - say you open the app at 8 am and eDIS needs to be approved to sell your holdings. A button was there that told you to approve eDIS so that the holdings can be sold that day.

Now, after the app update, that button has disappeared. Now itโ€™s very annoying process, you have to select a stock to sell, enter price and then it takes you to DDPI screen be default. It looks like Dhan has deliberately done this. Proof -

Before eDIS:

After I approved the eDIS:

Both screenshots are from today morning.

Why went back on a good feature?

Hey @encore, will check this. While you are here, please check the settings icon on the portfolio menus, in that the first option is Enable DDPI.

It will also be triggered when you try to sell from the portfolio holdings.

Hi @PravinJ & @Pranita How many eDIS completions are required per day?
I completed the eDIS verification for current scripts earlier today, but ever since Iโ€™ve tried to modify or sell scripts with an updated price, it keeps asking me eDIS verification. This has been happening to me for the past three trading days. Do you guys know about this problem? Having many problems lately with DHAN, first with MTF pledge, and now with eDIS. Please refer timestamp for each snapshot.

Hey @Ravi.t ,

Could you please share you client ID on help@dhan.co marking me (pranita.joshi@dhan.co) in cc so we can check this for you? Alternatively, could can also send me a DM here.

Product @ Dhan

Hey @Ravi.t ,

We are getting this checked. Please refrain from sharing your personal info here, request you to delete your client ID.

Meanwhile, you can also simply activate DDPI and place orders without the need of eDIS. We have written more about it here- Now Live: Fast Sell with DDPI (Demat Debit Pledge Instruction)