Elections and Market Influence: What's Your Take? πŸ“Š

We’re initiating this thread to encourage a thoughtful discussion on the influence of elections (General & State) on the markets. We would like to know your personal thoughts and experiences regarding the impact of election results on your investing and trading decisions.

Given that there are several election results scheduled in the coming months, we are curious to know if these outcomes affect your positions in the market. Do you observe any correlation between election results and your investment strategies or trading activities? :thinking:

We want to emphasize a crucial disclaimer. This thread is solely intended for the analysis of how elections can impact the markets. We kindly request that you refrain from discussing specific political parties or taking any partisan positions. Our goal is to maintain a productive and inclusive environment. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this regard

Your contributions will help facilitate a meaningful discussion within our community. :smiley:

Market would prefer a majority government at the centre rather than a coalition government. This allows the govt in power to go fast forward with economic reforms. State elections results indicating towards such a majority gov at the centre would cheer up the market.

Also am a technical trader. So I don’t really look at elections and modulate my strategies with probable election outcomes.

Markets today!

Did you expect markets will show any changes due to the result?

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