Enable forever order in sell side also

I find only forever order on buy side for equity delivery. I don’t know why didn’t you enable for sell side also. Other brokers provide for both buy and sell. Since I place buy and sell order much in advance I need both buy and sell forever orders. Request you to enable it for sell side too.

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Hi @G2_Pro Jitendra,

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We havent provided forever order for equity due to the regulations. Old accounts on other platforms have this feature because of old PoA they have given to Stock Broker, same will be replaced by DDPI going forward.

For a detailed brief please refer below post by Pj,


Hope this answers your query.

Why Not Provide Like This For Dilivery Sell Side Gtt Order
Upstox send Daily Notification
And in holdings notification
For cdsl authorisation

If authorisation complete then gtt order trigger else not

You can also provide same

And if possible then gtt sell side with trailing stoploss then your gtt features create history

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