Enabling CDSL Easiest for off-market transfers

Has Dhan enabled CDSL Easiest for off-market transfers? I am trying to move from Upstox, who has still not done this. Hopefully its high on the priority list for Dhan?

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Hi @Rajiv, yes Dhan has enabled CDSL Easieast. If you are trying to move from another stockbroker, the request has to be approved by them. Hope this helps!

Good to know that, @Anirudha.
As a follow up question, if I move some of my holdings from another stockbroker, how will Dhan account for the buy average prices for the transferred holdings in the P&L reporting?

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Hey @Rajiv, glad you asked this. We are currently in the process of building this flow as we are getting a lot of requests from Dhan users who want to transfer their holdings to us.

Be rest assured, our Community Members will be the first ones to know once this goes live!

We want to set the right experience for our users so until then, request you to kindly wait before you transfer.

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What is the process to activate EASIEST?

I went to CDSL (Easi account)
Then clicked Upgrade to EASIEST option.
Added 3 other DHAN BOIDs of family members. (so I can transfer to any family member)
Submitted the form using OTP on mobile.

Do I have to submit any paper / physical document now?

I thought that now there is no need to submit any document. DP will automatically upgrade to EASIEST.

Please clarify. Thank you

Hi @amish Once you submit the request for Easiest upgrade it will be approved by respective brokers. Do help us with your details at help@dhan.co to check your request.

It is approved already. Thank you.

For Easiest, does Dhan allow addition of Dhan based trusted BO accounts only? i.e. DEMAT account numbers which are hosted / held at Dhan?

Because I added 3 DHAN DEMAT account and 1 Upstox Demat account. 3 Dhan based accounts got approved but Upstox one is still not approved. Effectively it means that I can transfer only from DHAN to DHAN accounts.

So please clarify.

Thank you.

Hi @amish,

Can you please share your details at help@dhan.co or via DM we will have this checked.

I have DMed you the details.

Just to re-try. I deleted the old entry (BO) which was not approved.

And added it again. Now it is showing that entry as “Pending for authentication”

Also is there a limit of adding 4 trusted accounts only? Because now when I am trying to add one more i.e. 5th account (the above one was 4th) it gives error that:

“Trusted Acct Limit reached”

I am not sure if this limit is set by CDSL or by Dhan on Easiest.

Please check.

Thank you

The 4-account limit is decided by CDSL.