Enhanced ChartIQ experience on Dhan: Feature Update

Hello Traders,

As always, Dhan keeps getting better everyday!

We know some of our users prefer using ChartIQ, for them - we are now bringing you a whole new suite of features for your ChartIQ experience with improvements in both ease of use and functionality with the latest charting library of ChartIQ v8.7, yay!

For your lightning-fast trading experience, we have upgraded our platform to provide you the latest features on ChartIQ to help you visualise markets better - this is live for all users now. Start experiencing these features yourself today at web.dhan.co and soon on Dhan Applications.

We are introducing a whole new charting experience for ChartIQ at Dhan with many features, but here are some noteworthy ones that we would like to highlight for your reference:

1. Keyboard Shortcuts - On Your Charts
We know how helpful keyboard shortcuts are to traders. And that is the reason why we launched Keyboard Shortcuts on the Dhan Web platform and TradingView chart canvas.

Now, your ChartIQ keyboard shortcuts are available to lookup just a click away. Just click on the keyboard logo and access the shortcuts panel.

ChartIQ - Keyboard Shortcuts Panel

2. Range Slider - Improved Navigation within the Chart

Ever wonder if scrolling charts were any easier?
Introducing range slider on your charts - just drag the range to your desired time period and scroll chart with ease.

Click Shift + Alt + R keys for viewing the Range slider.

ChartIQ - Range Slider

3. Chart Data in Table View

If you are exhausted with all the studies available on charts and want to use your own calculations to analyse better, we have got you covered.

We have added a new Table view to your charts. Now, convert the data visible in your chart to a table and download it to add strategies and calculations in spreadsheets. Just click on the table icon and try this feature out.
ChartIQ - Chart data to Excel (2)

4. New Timeframes - 25 / 75 / 125 Minutes

For traders, timeframes change the perspective of chart representation and more the timeframes, more the analytical point of view. Introducing new timeframes on the ChartIQ for the Indian capital markets.

Now you can view 25 minutes, 75 minutes and 125 minutes candles on all your charts in Dhan (now on both ChartIQ and Trading View canvas). These timeframes divide the Indian equity trading day of 375 minutes into 15, 7 and 3 candles perfectly.

Untitled (1)

5. New Drawing tool & Improved Accessibility
Get a new chart analysis using a drawing tool - we are adding Volume Profile by date range. Now, add Volume profile study on the chart specific for a date range.

Also, every user has their own favourite chart drawing tool that they use the most. We are enhancing accessibility to your drawing tools - you can now starmark your favourites to find them always on top of the list.

ChartIQ - Drawings

6. Chart Tooltip - View Indicator Values

In addition to the dynamic callout, we are introducing an enhanced tooltip which helps you view values for all the indicators on your chart for each candle.

ChartIQ - Dynamic Tooltip

7. Adding New Studies to 110+ Existing Studies

Did you know that you can select from 110+ studies on your charts on Dhan? And still, wondering if that’s enough?

We are adding 4 new studies to this ever-growing list to chart toolbox:

  1. Guppy Moving Average
  2. Go Nogo Trend
  3. Moving Average Cross
  4. Guppy Moving Average

ChartIQ - Studies GoNoGo

8. Enhanced UI

We have tried to enhance the user interface with our new release. Now, access a whole new menu layout with quick access to tools from the topbar.

Even your chart selection dropdown now has added icons to give you a better idea of which chart type to choose. In addition to this, we have improved your overall experience on ChartIQ.

So, wondering how to start accessing these upgrades in your ChartIQ experience?

These improvements are now live on web.dhan.co. Just head over to your favourite instrument chart and start exploring these features yourself.

Important Note: In this process, you might face a slight inconvenience on your end. Since we are upgrading our charting library, you will lose your already saved starred features, templates & settings on ChartIQ and it will be reset to default. This is a temporary reset, for a better experience with ChartIQ.

Happy Trading!

Product team


Thankyou So much sir to keep us always ahead of all platforms.

Special thanks for 75m, 125m Time frame,

Thankyou again.


Thanks for this update.
One thing is missing in this update.
Kindly provide on chart buying on ChartIQ charts.

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Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde

Thanks for your suggestion. We have trade on charts facility available on TradingView Canvas. Available on all Dhan platforms including Dhan Web, Dhan Mobile app, Options Trader app & Dhan Tradingview console.

Hi @Naman @PravinJ I think the war has begin between zerodha and Dhan to be the best broker in terms of service and features recently both have updated there ChartIQ library to 8v and both have few similarity but few features are different like custom time frame and candlestick pattern indicator and trade from chart and hoping all these features on Dhan platform soon. As I have seen zerodha chart data are not completely trusted on custom time frame.

I really appreciate @Dhan for all the features and hope that you will win this battle and become the best broker in terms of features, user experience, and client Base as well.

Can we open multiple chart on chartiq

Thanks for the kind words @Nitinjawla to compare us with the #1 platform. Honestly there is a long way to go for us, they have been around for a decade and we will complete 1 year in next few days.

Our features at least 75% of them come from user requests, suggestions and feedbacks - for chartiq there have been requests on the community itself, while our > 80% users are on TradingView and we work very closely with them, charts are important component for traders - so we had to pick this up as well. We rarely look at anyone in the industry, broking tech & user experience in India needs a major overhaul and we hope we can lead that… yes and you are right. at the end users win :slight_smile: