Enhancing Web Experience

Hi Dhan Team,

I have the following feedback for the current web application.

  1. The web app logs out very frequently and then it requires to scan again. At least a pin should be enough to re-login.
  2. The URLs are fixed. For ex: Open option chain in two different tabs, both have the same URL: “https://web.dhan.co/advancedoptionchain
    It should be like “https://web.dhan.co/advancedoptionchain/nifty50” for Nifty50 and so on. The problem here is, after some time when I get back to the screen, the page reloads, and then because of the same URL, all the tabs are for the same option chain. The same happens for tv.dhan.co No matter how many tabs are open, once it relaods, all tabs are for the same chart, which, in my opinion, is a little annoying.

It’s like you have created a React app, without using React-router.

Please look into this.

CC: @PravinJ


Hi @PravinJ @shraddha @RahulDeshpande ,

Any plans to work on the above mentioned points in the near future ?


Perfect. I can relate to both of these. Had written on them earlier too.

Hi @hrs070 @Shally

Totally valid suggestions, but it will require a lot of work on the backend front for the team. We’ve taken note of the problem statement you’ve highlighted and will strive to provide an appropriate solution as soon as possible.

Thanks for sharing.

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Regarding login on web, please allow me to share my opinion.

I’m sure many of us here would relate to this - mobile phone is a distraction and many people keep it away during important work, and for health reasons also etc. On Zerodha, I can login on desktop/web without the aid of the mobile app if I have the third-party TOTP enabled.

However, here I have to either get SMS or the mobile app (and in that too, I have to enable camera access) to login on the website/desktop which distracts me. Once I hold the phone, I can start browsing other apps or check arrived notifications etc.

If possible, please consider alternative login mechanisms like TOTP etc.

Another use case can be if I lost my mobile phone somewhere in my house and I must buy or sell a stock immediately. I know I will be able to find my phone during the day or maybe in 1-2 days but if I’m not already logged into website/desktop, I’m practically screwed.

These might look like edge cases but TOTP is a good alternative of SMS etc.