Excellent job team. Keep it up!

Hi team,

Just updated the app and found a new settings where we can enable/disable particular segments as per the need. I loved it.

Just a suggestion to add a setting for enable/disable “short selling” in options. This will be a great addition for pure option buyers.

Excellent work though!


Are you able to update these ones?

Yes, already done. It’s currently available in Dhan app and not in options trader app.

Thanks @pratik01, it’s being rolled out to all users now.

Will have to check feasibility of that, underlying systems are mapped at exchange segment levels.

Hi @PravinJ

Future work suggestion - Even though I have disabled currency, commodities, and mutual fund segments I am still able to see respective widgets on the home screen.

Once we enable/disable the segment then their widgets should be present/removed from the UI respectively.


This disables trading in that segment. Rest experience continues as it is.

Is it a glitch or what. While the option for MF enablement is reflecting but otp validation throwing this error. Seems backend services are yet to be set @PravinJ

This happens to me also, if you switch on the MF option also.

then it not works, even if you make off the F&O for currency and commodity, still able to find navigate to F&O for particulars

Seem it not working.

@onkar @Skc

It worked for me smoothly. I just need F&O enabled.

I think MF is not yet available on Dhan hence this might be the cause of error. Don’t know but just a random guess.

You guys can drop an email to help@dhan.co

@onkar - Yes, we are able to navigate to respective F&O even if it is disabled but order processing is blocked by Dhan’s risk management system. This is good news. It is working fine.

After disabling commodities segment I tried placing an order and it got rejected. UI is secondary for me that you are still able to visit segments after disabling them. Backend is working as expected and that matters.

Hi @onkar & @Skc,

This function is currently not active since Mutual Fund are not available as of now. Hence, we suggest not to use MF toggle for now.

In case any difficulties for segment activation/de-activation, do connect us at help@dhan.co

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