Execution of Trade _ because of it there is mismatch in overall invested money in DHAN

Dear Dhan Team,

Request your immediate attention.

As per the “Profit & Loss” statement downloaded from DHAN, I can see a trade is executed without my consent because of it there is a mismatch in overall invested money.

In the attached screenshot,Profit &loss statement downloaded from DHAN, You can clearly see 2 lots (Realized quantity - 3200) of ITC futures “FUTSTK ITC 29 Jun 2023” are traded in my account.

Actually, I have traded for only 1 lot of ITC Future “FUTSTK ITC 29 Jun 2023” (Have verified the same in traders diary and transaction history in DHAN WEB application) but somehow One more lot of ITC "“FUTSTK ITC 29 Jun 2023"” traded without my consent in backend as per the Profit & Loss report from DHAN .

so I can clearly see reduction in amount of 13,000+ rupees in my overall money in my DHAN Account. Kindly investigate and do the needful at the earliest.

Hi @BabuGanii,

As you may know, ITC had announced a total dividend of Rs. 9.5 (Special 2.75 + Final 6.75), with the ex-date of 30th May.

Since this dividend amount was =>2% of the market price of the stock, it is considered as extra-ordinary dividend, which leads to adjustment in F&O contracts. As communicated via Email, per NSE, here is how the Futures are adjusted in such cases.

The original Sell rate for your contract was Rs. 444.95. As you can check on NSE, the Settlement price for this contract on May 29th was Rs. 451.55.

Now exchange first squares of the existing contract at this settlement price and creates a new position for the same contract adjusting the dividend price.

  • First entry: Original sell at Rs. 444.95 - Exchange Square-off with Buy at Rs. 451.55 = -6.6 * 1600 Qty = -10560
  • Second entry: New position created by Exchange with adjusted price (Settlement price of Rs. 451.55 - total dividend Rs. 9.5) of Rs. 442.05. This now becomes the Sell price of the new contract.
  • This new contract was squared-off from your end at Rs 451.95 on May 31st. The loss on this new contract is -9.9 * 1600 = - 15840
  • As mentioned in PNL report, the aggregate Qty is 3200 and loss is Rs. 26400

The same entries are also available in the contract note as well for 30th and 31st May.

Hope this clarifies.


Thanks and Appreciate your clarity in explanation.

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