Exit all option- too laggy and not perfect

Hi, the Exit All option is not perfect in Dhan App due to following reasons:

  1. It takes too long to execute. Ideally all positions should exit immediately.
    2, Sometimes, only some of the positions get exited immediately and some get exited after lot of time, even after around 5-10 seconds.
  2. Sometimes, some of the positions do not get exited at all. Then one has to keep on pressing Exit All many times in panic, to ensure that it finally gets squared off.

In other brokers app such as Angel or Zerodha, as soon exit all is pressed, all are exited immediately.

Please look into it. Its a serious issue.


Hi @aila_arun1,

Request you to drop an email at help@dhan.co with the screen recording video so we can have this checked on your specific scenario.

Also, please mention your community details on email.