expiryCode format example not provided for NSE_FNO

There is no example of the json string on how to use expiryCode for an option

I tried copying the expiry date available in the api-scrip-master.csv and also tried to convert it into epoch / utc format but both did not result in the data. request you to please provide an example with an call or put option with expiry date

“symbol”: “BANKNIFTY-Jun2023-43600-PE”,
“exchangeSegment”: “NSE_FNO”,
“instrument”: “OPTIDX”,
“expiryCode”: 0,
“fromDate”: “2023-06-23”,
“toDate”: “2023-06-24”

Hello @Shashidhar

Value for expiryCode parameter can be taken from SEM_EXPIRY_CODE column in API scrip master.

However, the reason for you not being able to get Options Historical Data is because currently, we only provide Intraday OHLC data for Options.

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