F&O List From TV.Dhan Chart

I would like to request addition of “Nifty F&O Stock List” from the drop down menu of TV.Dhan chart.

Also, not all indices are reflected from NSE website here. Will you please also look into those and add them?

Please help with “Best User Experience”.

Best Regards

@Sameet here if u scroll down further… there are many duplicate indices too in the whole list. plz consider to fix that also !


This would be very beneficial. Also, all indices charts are not available either if we type it manually either.

Hi @Santosh.C @Shally

Thanks for your suggestion. This is already in our roadmap, soon you will be able to see F&O list here.

@Varsha777 Just to confirm, we checked and haven’t found any repetition. Can you please highlight, exactly which indices are repeating. Also, there are both BSE & NSE indices listed here.

Nifty and bank nifty appear twice. Once at the top and second at the bottom after BSE list ends.

Hi @Shally,

This has been updated from our end, request you to check now.

Still appearing. I have done hard refresh already.

Hi @Shally,

We have identified the root cause for this. Will be resolved by next week.

Hi @Shally,

This has been updated now, request you to please check once.

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Now working as expected.

thanks for fixing it DHAN team ! :heart: :v:

Hello @Naman ,

What is a tentative timeline you expect F&O list to be added?

Best Regards