Fask closure of market orders

squaring off my positions is taking too much time. kindly check this. even Market order execution also taking more time…

Hi @prchethan,

That sounds odd, it should not be the case. Could you please share a screen recording with us along with your device details & client code on help@dhan.co?


I would also like to highlight the fact that market orders submitted from your platform even for highly liquid nifty futures takes few seconds to fill. This is too slow for comfort. Am not sure whether the issue is with frontend or backend.

Hi @t7support

We check and monitor all dhan platforms thru the day, in case you experience this - please share a video of same with us on help@dhan.co.

Sure. Will do so tomm if I find the same issue.


I think the few second delay is when the normal buy or sell button is clicked. Clicking the thunderbolt button sends the orders fast.

I am unable to find the thunderbolt button on Dhan web. Is it not there ?

Also why have two buttons when we can have just one fast thunderbolt button ? Is it to reduce load on your servers when user doesn’t need the fast order speed ?

I have traded with few brokers before like Zerodha, Finvasia etc. They have just one button which sends the order fast like the thunderbolt button in Dhan.

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ @Naman thoughts on above query would be much appreciated.

Hi @t7support

We have same APIs for placing orders… this should be the case. What were you trying to place orders in - we will replicate this.

On Web, we previously had two options - now both of them are merged into single - instant order placement button.

Try placing market order for Nifty or Crude Oil futures via mobile app thunderbolt button and web order placement button. You should be able to see few seconds delay between both.

I too noticed that market orders are slow and spread is high. Noticed on few occasions very much.

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Hi @TMJ, Execution of market orders depends happens at exchange. Will have this reviewed anyway, please share the order details with our customer service team @Dhan_Help on help@dhan.co

Thank you