Feature request. in app p&l

hi we at dhan not able to see P&L in app itself, we have to email to ourselves, please add in-app P&L summary it will be appreciated. thanks


Hi @vrpatilisl , thanks for writing to us! Valid feedback, we will evaluate this and incorporate in our roadmap.

Absolutely loving the features and consistency at Dhan.
A better organised console/Back-Office is the only thing that I can think of that’d make the experience even more wholesome.

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Hi @Vishk519

First, welcome to Dhan and thanks for your kind words. There is always much more to come on Dhan.

On your suggestion, Backoffice, middle office and front office are some concepts of old brokers who used multiple vendors & partners to get things together.

With Dhan we follow an integrated approach and all information is available on demand. I agree saying that is simpler, we have many things to build to give our a significantly better experience and you will see it coming up soon. We ship much faster, and everyday.


Here’s to hoping for this to be the start of a long and flourishing journey.
And looking forward to all the new stuff you guys have planned :slightly_smiling_face: