Feature request regarding Holdings in portfolio

so on Dhan platform, we have a feature that enables us to see different price levels that we used to buy same scrip. Thanks for that. Really, I mean it. I have not seen this feature on other half broker’s platform.

But, what is the point of having this feature if I can’t use it to sell my holding. In the below screen shot, you will see that I have bought hdfc amc etf on two different price levels. If I want to sell the only holding that I have bought at 183.11 or instead that I bought at 186, I can’t do that.
I am requesting you to introduce a feature to just do that. If I want to sell the part of the holding that I bought at 186, I should be able to do that and/or if I only want to sell the part of the holding that I bought at 183, I should be able to do that.

Thank you.

hey aritra, this isnt possible - once shares / units are added to demat - they are part of your holdings. Just like cash that you add to a bank account. It isn’t really possible to decide which ones to sell, moreover - even this is mandate as per law, the method to sell is always FIFO (first in, first out).

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Okay. Got it.
But, suppose, in smallcase, I create two different portfolios, namely- portfolio A & Portfolio B in which I buy xyz share on different trading session. Now, suppose I want to close portfolio B yet xyz share in portfolio B which I have bought later than that of in portfolio A then how come FIFO method is being implemented here?

Stocks are always sold via FIFO method, irrespective of where they are held. smallcase is a visual layer on top - all stocks are in your same demat account.

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