Feature Requests trading in tradingview via dhan

Dear Dhan team u have done excellent job in past few months in making the dhan app bug free but still i have seen few bugs which is should be addressed.

1 Stop limit order:- while using this option in direct trading view using plus sign everytime user has to adjust stop price and limit price . I think there should be price difference by-default so that order can be executed immediately.

2 Limit Order with defined stop loss:- while using limit order with defined stop loss we can not trail our profit but when we use limit order with defined target and stop loss we are able to trail our profit which is good feature . Same can be replicated with limit order with defined stop loss so that we can also trail our profit.

Hi @Arzoo,

We have this feedback and will surely evaluate on the possibilities to keep difference in trigger & limit price to enhance your product experience.

Moreover, we do have TSLO available on App/Web it will be helpful if you can share more details on your requirement.

Hello @Poornima for eg i executed my trade on market order and i started coming in profit. Now after executing order i can only avail one option Sell Stop Limit order in trading view for trailing my profit. Primary condition for Sell Stop limit order is that there should be a certain difference in Stop price and Limit trigger price and stop price should be greater that limit price but when we execute this using plus button in trading view i.e third option in attached image it does not get triggered instantly as by default there is no price difference here and we have to adjust price every time. So my request is make price difference of 5 paise by default so that my trail order executed immediately.

Second thing is that when we execute Limit order with only stop loss defined i can not trail my profit . But when i execute this with defined target i am able to trail also. So my request is to give us option to trail when we have defined our stop loss

Hi @Arzoo At this moment you need to place stop limit order manually. Moreover, in case of BO/CO you cannot modify stop loss leg above entry leg, we have your feedback and will surely explore this to enhance your trading experience.