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Hi DHAN team. I would like to request one feature. Under the TRADINGVIEW webhook, there is only market and limit order in JSON Object Generator. There is no stop order. Is there a way to put stop order as well? It would be highly useful as we can even put SL at the same time as we take entry in an instrument.

@PravinJ , kindly consider straddle / strangle & ratio charts in the next build up.
Also, consider a mtm based sl for selected open positions, if possible

Currently option chain is not visible on webapp in full screen mode on charts (shift + F in windows), please make it visible that would be helpful @PravinJ

first i love Dhan at all the way down
but being a scalper i am facing one issue all the time while placing order in options, i am unable to place buy stop/ sell stop order (to place order above market price whenever it reaches) it shows an error that order get rejected so i always need to use limit or market order and that backfires on me with slippages
after not getting connected to call and on chat with Dhan customer support, i hope i will get response on my query here @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Hey Naman

I use dhan platform for trading and investing.

average true range (ATR) is Prclose-high and Prclose-low.

I am looking for indicator to know day range(high-low) and body of candle(open-close). Can please you help??

Hi, Dhan is doing a great job by providing advanced indicators and well ahead of so called tech brokers in India , pls consider my request to update MACD with simple moving averages as it is already there on the original Trading view charts, it is really helpful to the traders who modifies the macd and take better trading decisions , Thank you

There is no option to arrange stocks in the watchlist in alphabetical order in trading view chart. Got fed up arranging 100 stocks manually in that manner. It is available in dhan terminal but not in trading view chart. PLEASE BRING IT ASAP. I have put this query through an email done on various intervals as well as on dhan community by separate post.


  • Invert strike price in option chain (view option chain with strike price increasing going upward direction)
  • OI profile feature on trading view chart like in sensibull
  • Appreciate dashboard like nest platform
    where u set whatever parameters required.
  • Trading View charts Global Sync Feature between Layouts


We would love it if you give the following feature for CNC order.

  1. Take profit and exit ( while placing Buy Order give us below option of like {% of profit after that automatically exist the position, or specific amount after that automatically exit} )

  2. I have sync ext Broker but in one broker i have sold my all share but still its counting in App. So please look into this also.

Hey Dhan Team , one request from all the Traders’ side that can you make EMA colour Coded… like when its up its colour should be green and when EMA is down it should be red like that… It could be very helpful… to all traders…

I have searched not got that option… so kindly let me know…

Thanks in advance…


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In the statements of P&L, there is a need for total realized and unrealized P&L for analysis. Also, the result of the trade as Profit or Loss would be great.


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In Dhan community yoh have Two factor authentication like authenticator app time based OTP please enable 2fa like this in Dhan trading app or web. @PravinJ

Please introduce a feature to manage external linking :link: on Dhan.
Like Smallcase or other platforms where we link Dhan.
A manage option view or unlink this linkage.

Hi @MasterGk Unlinking is coming up soon, we have plans to get this rolled out.

Dear Team
We need Dhan Desktop app for Mac OS and Windows OS
Thank you

I want bracket order for Trading and Investment both or can say for Intraday and positional, Some brokers are proving with other names like GTT+ sl+target order with a year order Validity, 3 leg orders etc. I demands to dhan to start this order immidiately or we will shift to another platform or switch up to other stocks trading provider. now every one can understands, i had given hint(whos providing this order type) Please provide the same or best from him

@Dhan can you please Add TBT charts like Upstox. it will help us in many way .

Dear Sir,
As you give the ORDER ESTIMATOR at the time of placing the ORDER… you get to know the the BREAK EVEN VALUE / PRICE of the share.

Why con’t we give the indicative the break even price on the chart itself, so that it will be helpful for the trader to take up the decision of exit / SL / TSL more confidently.

I believe the new traders always ignore / will not have the exact idea about the charges in place for that particular trade… most of the times we exit the trade with a very minimal profit and it is generally negated towards the charges.

I believe that, if am able to see the Break Even price on my open position chart itself, I can take better decisions…


I have some important suggestions for your technical team. It’s very important.

  1. Please add the trailing stoploss option to the equity delivery order. It’s available for equity delivery orders on an Upstox-like platform. Please add this feature as soon as possible. Because it’s most needed in equity Delivery swing trading. Please add this feature .

(A screenshot of this feature in Upstox has been attached.)

  1. In Upstox, Fyrs like platform If we make a watchlist of five stocks, we can easily check the latest news about those five stocks in a separate section. But it’s not available in Dhan. In Dhan, the news section has a lot of news, and most of it is not wanted for a traders. Because if I make a watch list of 10 stocks, I need to know mostly the latest news about those stocks. That future is called ‘related news’ in Upstox. It’s not available in Dhan. Please add this future.

I am from Kerala. I saw that these topics were already getting a lot of discussion in the biggest trading Facebook groups in Kerala. Only because these options were not available in Dhan, a lot of traders switch to upstox from Dhan. So please take these things seriously.