Feedback from Super traders helped us create a seamless pledge experience ✅

“I require cash to meet M2M obligations. Hence there is a huge opportunity cost for my idle funds.” This is the feedback we received from a lot of Super Traders.

Hence, we have created a seamless pledging experience for traders after identifying their challenges. Here are 6 unique benefits of pledging on Dhan:

  1. Instant Pledge: Get Margin benefit within 15 minutes with our instant pledge feature

  2. Option Buying on Pledge: Enjoy the convenience of buying options using pledged margin. By keeping your cash invested in securities, you can pledge your holdings to avail margin and trade seamlessly.

  3. Easy Sell: In case when your holdings are pledged and you wish to sell it to meet M2M obligations, you can sell your holdings without being worried about unpledging them before selling

  4. Only on Dhan, as a trader you can view the expected Pledge Benefit on the entire portfolio in Real-time

  5. Your pledge stocks always stay in your Portfolio Holdings. Unlike many platforms, we do not reduce pledge stocks from your portfolio - they appear at all times in your portfolio so that you know the real value of your portfolio holdings at all times

  6. Exactly the same for unpledge, many platforms you have to unpledge stocks and then later they appear in the portfolio after a day or two. Not on Dhan, your stocks are always in your portfolio

  7. You can instantly pledge your entire portfolio, no need to select each one and then pledge them individually

Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments!