Feedback on Dhan Platforms

It has been a month since I opened my Dhan account but never added funds until today as I was bit skeptical about the order placement and execution process/speed on Dhan as it is new to the industry.

Today I placed my first order on and my experience is good, started loving the platforms after exploring them for more than 2 weeks now.

Earlier, I moved from Zerodha to Fyers due to the ease of trading options on Fyer’s trading view platform. OfCourse, I still maintain my long-term investments and mutual funds in Zerodha due to their extraordinary back-office support through Console.

Trading View is something that convinced me to open an account with Dhan because I have to spend less time understanding the platform due to my prior experience with Fyers. However, to my surprise, over the past few weeks I started liking more than, reasons even I don’t know :smiley:

I am using for all my pre-market and chart analysis and using for OI analysis and punching options trading strategy orders. Experience is awesome on day 1.

I have slowly started moving my capital from Fyer’s to Dhan today and hope I wouldn’t experience any technical glitches in Dhan going forward, I am trusting Dhan’s engineering team.

Finally, wanted to thank team Dhan for building good platforms satisfying the needs of every retail customer, especially small traders like me. Appreciate your efforts in building a great platform.

Thank you!


Thank you for your kind words @ravi_krishna, We do ship many small changes to improve user experience on and across all platforms every week, that is why we say - Dhan gets better everyday.

We are building more features to ensure lots of requirements on back office / reporting also come along., we are still a very new and small player - there is lots more coming for you and our users on Dhan.