Feedback on Options Trader Web

Dhan Team you guys have done an excellent work in making this Options Trader Web. Hats off to you guys.

I have some feedback, in the Outlook based Strategies, after I enter a level and I get many strategies to choose, while deciding a strategy, I cannot move back and forth, I always have to re-enter the level and then open another strategy. Please make my desired level saved on that page so that I can move back and forth seamlessly and select the strategy that fits my risk management.

Second, in “Pre-Built” tab, there is an option to add F&O stocks to [My Favorites] list but no option to remove from it.

Also Dark Mode will be really appreciated.


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Hi @Chinmay

Thanks for using Options Trader and sharing feedback with us. We will try to incorporate this and use this to better the experience of Outlook based strategies and My Favorites.

Hi @Chinmay - Firstly thanks for the kind words for Options Trader on Web. We are thankful that you liked this - it is our first version and of course we will improve with time.

For your feedback, please check that you have something called Strategy Snaps - you can take a temporary snap of a strategy, adjust and if you want - take more or flush them. Last of 5 (I think 5 or 3 - sorry I am away at this moment) My Favorites are saved, the newer one will replace the last one.

Dark mode - noted, but we will bring this later. We also have to improve dark of existing Dhan web as well. For now we are focussed on core trading capabilities.

Also I would like to add on to this Outlook based Strategies, please remove Long Straddle and Long Strangle, I don’t consider these as strategies, but pure gamble. :neutral_face:

Yes sir 6 snaps, it would be great if you can add more like up to 10 snaps. Could be useful for people who trade index and stocks both😅take your time no hurry, can be considered in next update.

All of these snaps is residing in browser session, so lets keeping it light :slight_smile:

ohh sorry :zipper_mouth_face: 6 is enough then

I use a chrome extension called “Dark Reader”

This makes options trader web a delight for dark mode lovers! Makes it pleasing to eyes!


Nice way to get to dark :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Thanks for the info.

atleast now bring the dark mode…

Hi @Varsha777,

We have this feedback from many users, will try to incorporate the same in upcoming versions.