Fixed range volume profile data indicator on Dhan

Hi , Just wanted to bring your attention to one of the issue i’m facing in Dhan .
recently i have completely shifted to dhan for intraday trading but im facing issue with Fixed Range Volume Profile as it is showing inaccurate data when compared to tradingview. The POC in both platform are different even when range are selected are same on both platform . i have attached screenshot of UBL for hourly chart . And on most charts on 5mins tf there is dissimilarities .
kindly fix this issue as FRVP is one of the major tool i use for intraday trading really cant afford to have wrong data .

Hi @divyy Welcome to Dhan community.

Volume Profile Fixed Range and also Volume Profile Visible Range - these two indicators are built by TradingView itself, these are not integrated by Dhan. While we will have this review, it’s unlikely that there will be any change on this indicator as its pre-built.

We have explained in details how charts work here, differences of data is explained below: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

Data differences on charts for reasons above beyond a point will continue. If you have comfort on data that is already on TradingView, in that case would suggest you to trade directly from TradingView. More on same here: TradingView Connect Broker - Connect Dhan to We have 100,000+ traders on Dhan who use this.