Fixed Range Volume Profile Indicator is having issue

Hello Dhan Team,

I have been observing that dhan trading view charting platform is having so many bugs one bug that I can come across for the fixed range volume profile indicator, below are my observations.

  • volume profile indicator is not displaying the histogram, or point of control (POC) properly when I am re-plotting the volume profile indicator 2nd time on the chart.

to clarify the above statement let me give you an explanation through example.

I am plotting the volume profile indicator on the candles of 5 minutes where I have selected the last 3 candles which means I would like to analyze the activity of the volume in the last 15 minutes I am doing this on the chart for the first time at that time plotting of histogram POC has appeared on the chart in a perfect manner without any issue.

Now I have changed my mood and I would like to analyze the volume activity of the last 20 minutes hence I have shifted the volume profile and re-plotted them into the last 4 candles (the earlier range of the last 3 candles have been selected.) now here triggers the actual problem volume profile indicator not able to re-arrange the histogram, POC as per the latest range of last 4 candles it will only display the range of last 3 candles as u have selected earlier which is actually incorrect because this indicator named itself suggest that it will plot the volume activity of the fixed range candles

might be the data refresh issue not sure but it is just a guess.

I have added the google drive link to the video where u can see the random behavior of the volume profile indicator.

Video Link - VRVP.mp4 - Google Drive

Hope dhan team will resolve this issue on a priority basis because I am using this for my intraday trades in and out without that this platform doesn’t make any sense to me.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.

@PravinJ @Naman can you please assign someone to look into this issue on a priority basis.?

We looked into this, it’s an indicator from TradingView and our team has raised it to them.

@PravinJ @Naman is there any update on this as we have discussed it that u have raised to the tradingview team it is not the good experience on the dhan tradingview charting platform u guys need to do through testing on this platform u will found multiple issues.

one issue that i would like to highlight that candle formation on chart is improper when u will switch the timeframe of chart from the keyboard like from 15 minutes to 2 minutes at that time observe the running candle it will appeared as a gapup / gapdown but actual formation was not that way once u will refresh the whole page u will able to judge the actual candle formation.

@PravinJ @Naman @Hardik @Divyesh @RahulDeshpande

is there any update from the trading view team on the fixed range volume profile issue.?

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.

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The feature most used by SuperTraders.

Screen Recording 2023-02-03 at 1.48.45 PM

Only glitching while changing the plotting points.

observe this after market closing hours histograms were not plot.

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It should not glitch like this too when changing plotting points. What if someone wants to adjust the range from Support or Resistance? Scalping RIP

True agree with this u can do the same steps on the trading view platform u will not face any issues over there not sure same platform we are using with Dhan but so many issues are there.

Hi @Diamond ,

We are already in talks with Tradingview on this, and our team is working together with them. Once the fix is deployed we will be letting you know.

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That’s great! I understand that once you use third party chatting software, it can cause issues. I admire the fact that Dhan takes initiatives to provide us traders with latest tools to Trade and that’s why we love Dhan!

What is the update on this issue more than one month has been passed still facing the same volume profile indicator doesn’t work on the dhan charting platform still trading view team is investing this issue.?

@RahulDeshpande @Hardik is there any outcome of your talk with the tradingview team is has been a more than 2 months time has been passed but not a single issue has been resolved from your team what is the meaning to run this community than if you are not intrested to resolve the issue 2 issues are very fustrated hope u will understand the probl of the customers and able to resolve the issue soon.

Hi @mayuri1711 ,

We are in talks with the Tradingview team, and have communicated to them. We are actively pursuing it, and be assured we will let you know once the issue has been addressed from Tradingview teams end.

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@Hardik @RahulDeshpande what about the progress on the improper candle formation issue can u please fix this issue as early as possible.?